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Hello Everyone! this is the first Rhombus Productions Blog entry! so, i though i would tell you a little about what Rhombus Productions is.

first, it is a group of ti-basic program developers made up of me rhombus prhombus p and Matthias1992Matthias1992. we program Games and utilities for the TI-83/84/+ Graphing calculator series. to see our programs go to click on archives, and look for the Rhombus Productions logo.

besides the TI calc programing, Rhombus Productions is just me. currently i have many sites under development including one for Combat Arms and for the Star Wars Battlefront series. i also program CSS templates such as the one in use with this site right now.

in the future, my goal is for Rhombus Productions to become a group of PC and MAC programmers that will program utilities for the computer. also, i want to program psp hombrew applications if i can learn to program sufficiently before the psp seen dies out. in the long future, i would like for Rhombus Productions to develope computer Games and maybe even console games!

See all my projects!

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