How i got my name

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so many of you are probably wondering how i got my name, Rhombus p.

well, actually it a very interesting story. one day, a little over a year ago, i was at school playing a game on the ti-84 calculator called Phoenix. well, i had just beat the game for the 100th millionth time and got the height score again (by now my name was the only one on the high score table) and was asked to put my name in again. well by now i was bored of putting my own name in so i asked my super random friend to come up with a name. he came up with two one was figelberry and the other was Rhombus p.

so then a little bit after this, i found the ti-Basic dev and decided to create an account, and since i couldn't think of a name, i just named it rhombus p. it wasn't until after that i figured out how perfectly it had worked out when i decided to create rhombus productions and all.

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