I'm a GURU!

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Hello everyone. today a very exiting thing happened. Its the thing that every wikidot member works up to get. i have become a Wikidot Guru.

so first, let me tell you what a guru is. a guru from dictionary.com is a a leader in a particular field or a mentor. on wikidot it is someone who is a very active member, someone that is constantly participating on the forums and someone who has built and edit many websites.

so how did i become a guru? well let me tell you, it wasn't easy. i currently have been a wikidot user for almost a year, 338 days as of right now. i have a total of 700 forum post and 2400 edits. i have been expecting that i was going to become a Guru soon for a week or so now, but i guess what really finally did it was 600 edits in only 7 days at a total of about 93 per day.

View my stats!!!!!

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