User For One YEAR!!!

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hello everyone! as of today i have been a wikidot user for exactly 1 year! and boy have things changed. there are so many new cool features now! when i first joined, pro acounts were just being tested. now we have so many new stuff like CSI's and the join module, and even more to come!
so what do i have to say about wikidot?

well, its simple! wikidot is the best web-service i have very used! its easy to use and very advanced. you can do pretty much anything, be it CSS, Div's, spans, or something as simple a making bold text. the great thing about wikidot is that you can make a website very fast with some simple code, or you use wikidots advance features and make something like a blog!

the service

wikidot's service is awsome. there constantly making new features, and fixing old ones. one of the best part is they ask the community for input, so you get what you actually want, the way you want it!

the community.

the community is part of what makes wikidot so great. if you have a question, they answer it almost immediately, and its so big, you get multiple inputs! not to mention all the cool templates, themes, and includes that are constantly being made.

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