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view the the wonderful wikidot themes made by rhombus productions! new CSS3 themes coming soon!


See my blog! Get updates on when the next big theme or CIS Module is coming out, and get wikidot tips and tricks!
Blog Is getting a new theme soon!

Other Stuff

There's even more stuff here for the community then just themes and a blog! there's also the sandbox, or maybe you wanted to see what my current projects are. how about looking at my Wikidot CSI's, my Auto Hot Key Programs for some macro fun, Or if your into playing games on the Ti-Basic calculator, look Here for my TI-Basic games. There is a endless supply of things to do here!.


This whole page is designed ussing Css3! there is not even 1 image on this page! if you dont believe me, take a look at the page source! Like all CSS3 themes though, its only going to work if you have, firefox, google chrome, or safari. it may look okay in opera, but any current version of IE is going to totally mess it up.
(This theme is based off my upcoming Slightly Blue theme for wikidot.)

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