FIRST Robotics

Well, all i have to say is that i had an awesome weekend. My Robotics team competed in the FRC Robotics championship this weekend at the Georgia Dome! and i happened to be on Drive team! my team along with 300 other teams competed this weekend for many awards. some of which (besides just the awards for winning the competition) were the Website award, Rookie all star, and chairmens awards.

Two weekends ago we competed in a regional in Raleigh NC. this was just one of the 48 competitions going on around the world over a span of 6 weeks. despite or robot not performing well, we finished 42 out of 43 teams, we won the Best Website Award, and the Rookie All-star Awards, which let us go to the championship!

Ten days after the regional, we were in Georgia preparing for the National Robotics Championship!!!. Teams from the US, Canada, Brazil, Israel, Australia and many other countries competed. on the first day of the actual championship, i could tell that our robot was doing much better. after the first day we were about 30th of 86 teams in our division (there were 4 divisions with around 86 teams a piece). the next day we did pretty good but our robot had a few problems. for one, or Chains kept falling off. one of the 5 matches that day that we were in, we were not even able to move because we got hit so hard be another robot that we got a major short. At the end of that day the scoreboard was show us at about 80th position. the next day was better. we got placed with good alliances and won both of our matches that day. we even moved up about 15 places after just one match. at the end of that day (the last) we were positioned arounf 55th, or around 22th out of 344 teams, a huge improvement over the regional.

the rest of that day, we watched the best of the best compete in then finals for the championship. in the end, the powerhouses of teams 67, 294, and 177 won it all

stuff to know

  • All teams have a team number showing what # they were to register. so the teams with lower numbers like 67 or 177 registered a longer time ago 15, 16, 17 years ago, while teams in the 3000's are rookies this year or, in other words just registered this year
  • our Team number was 3196
  • we were rookies this year
  • most teams also have a team name. ours was Team Spork
  • look at our website! (its undergoing some construction right now after the end of the competition though)

here are some videos

The game animation (explains the competition/Game) ill add some more videos of the final matches and of us as soon as they come avaliable

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