Man Of War

this page is going to be completely redone as the project it taking a new direction. to download the latest version of the project, click here

heres some concept code for the game Man Of War game that i have been developing on and off for the last year of so.

Heres the idea of the game

it is some time in the future and there is this general controlling a clone of himself on the battlefield through a computer command center. at some point the clone is knocked offline. when they get the clone back online, they find that he has been captured. The army doesn't want to loose this multi-million dollar clone, or risk that the enemy find any secrets about them from it so while the general controls his army from another clone, the job of getting the clone back safely is left up to a you, a young recruit. and pretty much you the game would be you controling this clone from a computer control station and try to get it out of enemy territory while taking on as little damage as possible.

Group contents:

to start the concept, run the program starting.

when the program starts, it will do a cool little loading sequence

one the menu loads, you will have some options on what to do. the menu will look like this

  • Welcome to MUCC (cant remember what that stood for, military something or other control console i think…)
    • Start Game -> starts the Program Maineng2. this dosent really start the game since i dont have any code for it yet, but instead loads a basic text sprite engine that i created (you'll notice that the text graphics are the same as Donut quest 2. i just used thoose graphics to test the engine. no code is taken from donut Quest 2)
    • Console Settings -> dosent do anything…
    • CPU Monitor -> loads the program CPU. shows a graphical "CPU Monitor" for the console. what would a computer console be without a CPU monitor?
    • Low Power Mode -> pauses the game for low power consumption
    • Shut Down -> does a cool shutdown sequence…

to select something press 2ND

the start up and shutdown may be slow on the 83+ because i have it generating a pretty high number of random values (as pauses) between each output that will probably need to be lowered in an actual release. if someone could test it on a 83+ that would be great.

i realize there are some bugs, i just never got around to fixing them…

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