Themes For Wikidot



Spitfire is a light red and black theme made by Rhombus productions that is perfect for any type of site, wiki, blog or other.

Orange Metal


Orange Metal is a nice orange theme that will go with almost any type of website! This theme will be updated soon to work with the forums to.

How to add you own header image (logo)

first, make you image and save it. then upload it to your site and get the link to it. then add this code to the bottom of your theme on your site (replacing with the link to your image.

#header h1{
display: 1; /* simply over rights the display: none property */
color: transparent;
background-image: url(;
background-repeat: no-repeat;

Battle Front Bad Company 2 Theme


this is a simple edit of the semi-trans theme by chaotic1 to go along with the all mew battlefield bad company 2 game.

Theme 1


Theme 1 is a clean and colorful theme that will fit a business or information site.

Clean And Simple


the theme Clean & Simple is pretty much what it sounds like. A clean, simple theme with a gray-scale color scheme.

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