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This is the second version of the Clean and Simple theme line. This is a updated, cleaner version that will work well for blogs or any other site that needs a simple and clean theme. This theme is a complete redesign of the last iteration and features custom buttons, custom fonts and a custom, custom shaded images (accessible by surrounding your image in a div with class shaded )and easily editable logo. To edit the the Logo at the top of the site you will need the Abel font from Google fonts. then you will need to do some code replacement to make your image show up.

first you need to find

#header h1{
    color: #fff;
    background: url( no-repeat;

and then replace the link with the link to your image. Its as simple as that. Save the theme and reload the page and you are good to go.

If you would like to see the code here it is.

The rest of this page is filler text taken from the default theme page on the Wikidot Themes site

Header 1

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Phasellus arcu libero, aliquet sit amet, ornare quis, vulputate a, nibh. Aliquam sit amet lectus vitae ligula feugiat condimentum. Proin eu mauris. Suspendisse ac sem. Cras in quam in augue fringilla porttitor. Nulla facilisi. Aliquam erat volutpat. Morbi consectetuer, libero at iaculis fermentum, dolor velit tincidunt sapien, lacinia ultricies ligula dui eget orci. Maecenas magna quam, volutpat ut, auctor et, malesuada quis, quam. Fusce semper pharetra mi. Aliquam facilisis tortor ut ante. Nam dignissim, ipsum et pharetra pretium, est sem feugiat sapien, a mattis elit sem vitae neque. Ut nec nibh. Ut sagittis magna nec velit. Maecenas ut eros. Duis lectus. Sed venenatis. Fusce iaculis urna euismod neque.

Header 2

Etiam elementum. Curabitur magna. Nulla facilisi. Donec dapibus sagittis diam. Duis sodales placerat nisi. Sed varius. Etiam fermentum iaculis nunc. Pellentesque dictum fringilla diam. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Maecenas at purus. Etiam molestie, magna eget pharetra pretium, leo ligula lobortis sem, vitae bibendum erat ligula et nibh. Suspendisse pharetra nibh at tortor. Curabitur libero. In elementum pulvinar ipsum. Pellentesque tempus lobortis purus. Nullam erat enim, convallis in, faucibus non, lobortis ac, sem. Aenean aliquam.

Header 3

Nunc iaculis urna elementum quam. Suspendisse tristique eros quis massa. Sed iaculis, ligula at posuere tempor, lectus libero fringilla eros, a vehicula felis magna non pede. Donec ac lacus. Donec risus erat, rutrum sed, ornare at, suscipit a, nibh. Nullam posuere laoreet purus. Duis aliquet sollicitudin felis. Pellentesque ipsum. Praesent vel libero. Phasellus suscipit aliquet tortor. Fusce ornare blandit risus. Vivamus venenatis blandit pede. Nullam massa. Ut placerat fringilla neque. Nam tortor magna, imperdiet ut, volutpat in, lobortis vitae, sem. Donec in nisi ac leo fermentum eleifend.

Header 4

italic text
bold text
italic and bold
underline text
strikethrough text
teletype (monospaced) text
custom span element custom span element
predefined or custom-code color

smaller text
larger text
80% of current size
100% of current size
150% of current size
80% of current size
100% of current size
150% of current size

  • Bullet 1
  • Bullet 2
    • Bullet 2.1
      • Bullet 2.1.1

  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
    1. Item 2.1
      1. Item 2.1.1

Item 1
Item 2
Something else

Indent me! The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Now this the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. Notice how we can continue the block-quote in the same "paragraph" by using a backslash at the end of the line.
Another block, leading to…

Second level of indenting. This second is indented even more than the previous one.

Back to normal text.

head 1 head 2 head 3
cell 1 cell 2 cell 3
long cell 4 cell 5
cell 6 long cell 7
looong cell 8
cell 0.0 cell 0.1
cell 1.0 cell 1.1

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.Aenean a libero. Vestibulum adipiscing, felis ac faucibus imperdiet, erat lacus accumsan neque, vitae nonummy lorem pede ac elit.

Maecenas in urna. Curabitur hendrerit risus vitae ligula.

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