Progress Tracker

this CSI allows you to track the progress of any project that you are doing using a simple CSI. with a few simple lines, you can track any project with the community, and update it easily whenever you want!!!

To install this package in your site, add the following code to your page:

[[include :rhombusproductions:inc:current-projects
|project-name=This is a test project

this then turns into this

some project - 100% complete

these are the attributes that you can use for this csi

Attribute possible values default value Required
percent complete # 1-100 0 YES
Project name text string Project is NO
color any color Green NO
Height height in px or % 7px NO
background-image url of image none NO
finish my website - 50% complete
make a logo - 35% complete
set up a forum - 67% complete
some project - 75% complete
example with image
some project - 75% complete
get members - 85% complete

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